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Having delicious vegetarian food options makes it easier and more appealing for people to go vegetarian. It also increases business at restaurants, because vegetarians love food and they actively seek out restaurants who cater to them.We provide free menu consultations, vegan cooking guides, recipe suggestions, and samples. We also supply price comparisons and wholesale supplier listings, to help restaurants find the most affordable way to add vegetarian fare to their menus.

Restaurants aren’t the only businesses we want to help – we are happy to assist all businesses which work with food, including grocery stores, cafeterias, catering companies, movie theatres, vending machine providers, and more.


Capers Market (Robson Street, Vancouver) Now selling soymilk singles in beverage cooler
Cafe du Soleil (Commercial Drive, Vancouver  the one near Grandview Park)  Started using Tofutti non-dairy cream cheese in their muffins, making them vegan
The Spelt Bakery (Vancouver)  Uses Ener-G egg replacer instead of eggs in some of their products
Vancouver Kitten Rescue Changed their fundraisers to be vegetarian

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