Our mission at Saving Animals Canada is to encourage as many people as possible to become vegan, build an active social community, provide services to businesses to help them become more vegetarian friendly, and support other local animal rights efforts.


The End of Animal Exploitation

Saving Animals wishes to see the end of animal exploitation. We do not beleive that minor welfare improvements at factory farms will amount to much – in fact, we’ve found it to be quite counteractive. Most so called “improved animal welfare conditions” are a lot of marketing fluff and do not actually equate to improvements for the animals. Even if it should have, the industry always finds loopholes, or just outright ignores the regulations since they are seldom audited. These “welfare standards” give consumers false impressions about animal products, and they continue to buy them because they think it means the animals are happy and out playing on a green grassy farm for their entire lives, and never get slaughtered or face the fear of injury or death. This is not reality. Wake up and smell the manure! We will not encourage “better” animal products, instead we want to see the use of animal products reduced to a point where they are no longer being used at all.